In the ideal world everything would be free, but alas it's not.

The hardware that this site (main site) runs on is generously donated and run by Steven Nance and is based in the US.  Steven provides the technical support and mainly fronts the hardware repair costs out of his own pocket.  On top of this he also also provides the bandwidth needed to connect to the world wide web. None of this comes cheap.

The forum runs on another server and this is donated by Ricardo Branco (TSM) who also provides the technical support and the bandwidth.

After 6 years of 100% free operation,  I've decided to ask for donations as part of the ongoing running of this site. I don't like asking for money, but I can't accept that Steven and Ricardo take on all the running costs by himself.  There are other options like charging readers a subscription or taking on advertising. Subscriptions might be okay, but may put off some readers from entering the site, we all have varying amounts of spare cash, so what do you charge?  Advertising, I feel, just ruins any site and any impartiality that the editor has.

So if you've enjoyed the site or the forum and it's helped you with any SV related issues, then please consider a small donation to help with the costs of keeping this site running.  All funds will be split between Steven Nance and Ricardo Branco.

Thanks for listening

John Tapley.

I would like to make it clear that giving money does not imply any obligation on my part to provide links or other other commercial services in return. This is all about keeping the world wide web as accessible to all as possible